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A Call for Governors of Conservative States to Protect Against Coming Immigration

I am writing this with the hope that the people reading this will send it to their Governors, Mayors, Representatives and Senators. With that being said, here is my proposal...

I want to propose that a GoFundMe page be set up in each conservative state for the purpose of providing free bus transportation to Washington DC, Boston, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles for any illegal immigrant. The reason for this is to prevent any major remodeling of the political landscape by changes to immigration policy, and at the same time allowing these people to take sanctuary in liberal cities that allow for it.

At this point, I am sure that everyone is well aware of the immigration mayhem that is taking place in Guatemala's and Mexico's southern border towns due to Biden's promise of easy entry to the US for migrants. Tens of thousands of migrants stormed the borders of Guatemala and southern border of Mexico trying to get to the US this month. There has not been anything in the liberal media about the conditions these people are going through to get here because of this promise, nor are they informing the public of the immigration problem this is creating for Mexico and Central American countries.

Biden made these promises in the middle of a pandemic, after calling for a self proclaimed xenophobic travel ban for Brazil at airports, but apparently allowing them entry by foot. There is also much evidence that a dangerous Honduran Maras (criminal gang) has infiltrated the caravan heading to the US. Where is the media to hold Biden responsible for causing this massive chaos, without offering any help. In one breath, he uses Trumps pandemic game plan and shuts down travel from countries due to the major pandemic statistics, and in another breath, opens our entire southern border where Trump built a wall to protect citizens there.

Even if Biden refuses to help these people, and the media refuses to cover the major humanitarian crisis caused by this promise, more than likely, many of these people will soon be showing up at our border. Let's do the right thing and send them to the liberal cities like Seattle, and Los Angeles, where Democrats can show what they are risking their lives for and how they take care of their constituents.

Lets flood the social web with this story like the people who flooded the GameStop stock to stick it to the hedge fund managers. Here is where you can find a list of your Governors, State Representatives, your State Senators, and also, don't forget to tag the White House when you share this.

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