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A Call For Peace from Trump, But a Call to Arms From His Supporters

Lawsuit after lawsuit was filed by the administration, as well as citizens who felt disenfranchised, only to be met with Judges who would not even look at the case evidence, but chose to dismiss the cases on technicalities. These cases went from judge to judge as nobody wanted to deal with the backlash of liberal hate and death threats that plagued the lawyers, witnesses and representatives who supported Trump.

Even the states got involved in suing each other in the Supreme Court, only to be met with the same treatment...dismissal not on merit, but on technicalities. Evidence presented before the state legislatures gained a lot of traction leading up to January 6th, as the number of House and Senate members slated to object to the certification topped 150 representatives, up from 4 prior to the public hearings. A detailed list of the evidence by state can be found here.

With all the Trump supporters waiting for the one event that would turn the tide and put their hero back on the throne of the government, instead, what they experienced was a deep state effort to silence anyone who dared to defy the mockingbird narrative. Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook used a moderating system of other liberal media outlets to attempt to cast doubt on any story that damaged their candidate. They repeated and repeated and repeated their messages all across their networks so that when you spoke to any person that watches liberal media, like programmed robots, they all had the same force fed answers.

After the attack on the capitol, Democrats decided it was their time to attack. It did not matter to them that the entire summer saw demonstrations where riots and looting plagued their Democrat run states and cities, to which all police were told to stand down and let the rioters loot. It did not matter that Trump offered them federal troops to help stop the violence only to be met with a narrative that denied the burning cities and called them peaceful protests. It did not matter that these people executed dozens of police officers in broad daylight while the media refused to cover these stories. All that mattered was that 3 people died of heart attacks, one woman was shot by a capitol police officer and one police officer was killed after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by an unknown person. They had their narrative. 5 dead. Their death tolls were taken right out of their Covid playbook, inflating the number of deaths by not looking at the cause of death, but just that they died while attending the event.

After Biden called for a time for the country to come together and heal, the Democrats launched a campaign against Trump to silence him, and remove him from office. They cast the blame of the chaos at the capitol on Trump and attempted to demoralize his supporters. Tech then went after conservatives on their platforms and banded together to destroy the conservative social network platform called Parler. They thought this was the right thing to do. They were wrong!

It is no secret, CONSERVATIVES LOVE THEIR PRESIDENT!!! They have followed him and praised him for all of his many accomplishments. He is such a man of principle, he came out and condemned the actions of the few supporters of his that stormed the capitol and said that he does not support violence. He has since given speeches condemning violence and has called for tempers to be cooled so the country can heal. This is a message that has been a cornerstone of his administration, BUT, is now the time for his supporters to move forward without him.

It appears that his supporters are not as forgiving as Trump is. The FBI has warned of many heavily armed groups around the country planning to attack government buildings, politicians houses, judges houses, and planning to run the same playbook that the Democrats have been running for the past year. We have entered a period in our country where politicians are afraid for their life and are stuck with a mess that, as much as they try to blame Trump for it, they made it themselves.

With Biden coming out and calling Trump supporters terrorists, and the House and Senate executing Hitleresque policies, preparing to designate MAGA rallies as domestic terrorism, the conservatives are left with very few options, one being to attack the forces that are attacking them. This has all the makings of a true civil war, where these groups are actually battling each other in the streets all over the country. Trump has done everything he can to walk back this movement, but the democrats keep poking the bear and now the bear is pissed.

With very little time left between now and the inauguration on January 20th, the scared politicians have decided that it is time they protect themselves and have ordered the buildup of 15,000 troops to the capitol to maintain order and try to prevent any attack during Biden's transition. The question that they have to be wondering is, if there is another insurrection, will the troops stop it, or join in the fight, as fighting Americans is not exactly what they signed up for. Time will tell the damage that has been done by the Democrats dividing this country after attacking the President with lies and a made up story of Russian collusion for 4 years.

Many still hold to a belief that in the days ahead, Trump will call on the military and Biden will be arrested before the inauguration, preventing a transfer of power and not allowing for Kamala to take office due to the fact that Biden had failed to be inaugurated. This would create a constitutional conundrum never before seen in this country. The likelihood of something like this happening, well, anything is possible.

Again, our prayers are with the President, Donald Trump, and his family. Somewhere, Russia and China are watching us tear each other apart and destroy our country from the inside, just as the communists said they would do to us. Whatever happens, our hope is that God continues to bless our nation and fill us with brave men and women who will stand up for what is right and fight against those who want to destroy his word. Stay strong Patriots and Godspeed.

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