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After supporting women's sports under Trump, Biden cancels women athletes in US

Connecticut high school track athlete Alanna Smith told Fox News Wednesday she was “disappointed” after the Biden Justice Department withdrew its support for her lawsuit seeking to prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls’ sports.

The Justice Department had backed Smith’s case last year during the Trump administration.

Smith, who is fighting the rule after placing below a transgender runner in a meet, told “Fox News Primetime” that she and other female athletes “have worked really hard to get our stories out there to get people to realize that fairness needs to be restored in our sport and in all other women’s sports”.

Smith hopes people will “realize that a lot of biological females have missed out on making it to meets that really matter…and the transgender athletes have taken spots on the podium that belong to biological females.

“We train for so many days a week, so many hours to be able to be the best in our state and the best in our region and these biological males are just taking it away from us and we really deserve it.”

Smith’s attorney, Christiana Holcomb of the Alliance Defending Freedom, vowed the case will go ahead and called the DOJ’s decision “politically motivated.”

“What is even more concerning is this effort took gut legal protection for women is not just isolated to what we see in Connecticut,” she said. “Even now, the Biden administration is pushing for the so-called Equality Act, which ignores the physical differences between men and women and threatens women’s privacy, women’s homeless shelters and yes, even women’s sports on a national level for female athletes like Alanna.”

“Title IX was designed to ensure that girls like Alanna have a fair and level playing field,” Holcomb concluded, “We want to move forward and we want to see women’s sports protected across the country.”


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