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Mike Pence will play a huge role on January 6th, and could push the election to Trump.

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Events that are being set up, now seem to be pointing to a constitutional option that has not been used since 1876. Due to the abundance of evidence of voter fraud, the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and others, have sent 2 sets of electors that have cast votes for both presidential candidates. There is a process for how this plays out from here.

In order for the second set of votes to be considered, a member of the house must, in writing, object to the first set of electors with a basis. They must also have a signature of 1 member of the senate. This will throw both the House and the senate into their chambers to cast votes for which electors to use. This happened in Bush vs Gore, but the House members failed to deliver a signature from the senate.

If both chambers cast votes along party lines, the Senate will vote for the second set of electors and the House will vote for the first set. Mike Pence has the tiebreaking vote, where he is bound by a law that prohibits him from accepting votes from fraudulently certified states.

At this point, we might as well throw Michigan in that list, as the Governor of Michigan knew what the Republican strategy would be and surrounded the state house where the electors had to meet to cast their votes. The State House had Police, that the democrats want to defund, illegally blocking the entrance so that the electors could not enter the chambers.

Mike Pence can then require that state legislatures from each of those states meet to decide which votes will be counted. Why is this important? Well, Republicans control the state legislatures in every one of the states with the exception of Nevada. The states can choose to send neither of the electors, to which neither candidate will receive the electoral votes for those states.

This then triggers another constitutional process known as a contingent election, where congress decides the election. If neither candidate surpasses 270 votes, the election is then kicked over to the House of Representatives where a vote will be taken to see who will become president. Most people will think that the democrats will win this because they control the House. That is not the case here. The constitution lays out that each state delegation will put forth a single vote. Again, when one considers the 50 state delegations, the Republicans control delegations in 27 states compared to 22 by the democrats, with one state tied.

This was made evident when AOC made the comment that the Democrats had lost the house. She did not mis-speak, she knew that the Democrats were trying to obtain a majority in DELEGATIONS in the house because they knew that the election would end up here. Liberal media wants their audience to believe that Joe Biden won the election on December 14th, but Nancy Pelosi was trying to prepare for this very outcome. She knew that the republicans would challenge all the fraud they had planned and part of their strategy was to win the election in the very way that Trump is about to win it. Remember when Hillary Clinton told Biden, no matter what, do not concede. Contrary to what the mockingbird media is repeating on a daily basis to drive their narrative into the heads of their listeners, this was the plan all along.

If you live in a democrat run city, better get out now before they burn it down. The difference this time will be that Trump does not have to worry about another election. He will be quick to invoke the insurrection act and take those cities with military force. People wanted a civil war, they are about to get one. Thank the lies and deceit of the communists in the democrat party for what is coming. We the people will never allow our country to be taken over by communists! We will fight to the very end, and as you can see, our fighting does not always involve violence. To all the Patriots out there, Stand By! This is just the beginning.


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