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Exclusive Footage: Somerville Massachusetts SWAT House Raid of Mentally Unstable Man 2/04/21

A man who has been identified as being mentally unstable has barricaded himself inside of a third floor apartment at 400 Medford Street in Somerville Massachusetts. It is known that the subject has a weapon and assaulted a man and woman who were walking down the street. The subject hit the man in the head with the firearm several times before retreating into his residence. Police took no chances as many different groups were called in to deal with the situation. Armored vehicles, white vans, police cars, and pickup trucks lined several streets as police attempted to secure a perimeter around the house. K-9 units circled the perimeter with dogs sniffing all around the school and the neighborhood. Somerville Police, State Police and North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council SWAT team all responded to the situation.

Armed with weapons and protected with shields and body armor, they negotiated with the subject, who appeared to be agitated and emotional, for 90 minutes. Trained negotiators were able to talk the subject into surrendering to law enforcement, who entered the house with shields and body armor. They were able to get the subject into cuffs and restrain him as they waited for an ambulance to show up to take him away. The subject could be heard screaming as he was led to the ambulance and taken to Cambridge Hospital for evaluation. He is being charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Here is some of the video that came from the standoff tonight.

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