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Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill. "Don't Say Gay"

Updated: May 8, 2022

If you were unable to catch the livestream coverage of the bill, you can watch it below on both YouTube and Rumble.



Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill.

One has to ask why this bill is so controversial to begin with. I have to ask when this country decided that parents were no longer parents. If you look at the mainstream media over the course of the last couple months. You would think that this is an attack on everything LGBTQ and the worst thing to happen since voting rights, the civil rights movement and January 6th.

But what does the bill actually do and what does in entail?

First of all, the bill titled “Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill” HB 1557 filed on January 11th, 2022, is only 7 pages long.

7 Pages. Who can't take the time to read 7 pages? Well, it seems as if no one wants to take the time to read these bills themselves and like taking their talking points from mainstream media and advocacy groups. It takes less than an hour to read 7 pages.

Before I go into the nefarious reporting regarding the bill. I will first cover the contents of it in depth. What is 7 pages? Right?

Sections 1-57 are a summary of what the bill entails.

  • (2-9) Requires school boards to adopt procedures that comport with provisions of the law for notifying a student's parents of specified information.

  • (9-11) Prohibits schools from preventing parents access to certain records regarding their child.

  • (11-14) Prohibits school districts from adopting procedures that prevent school district personnel from notifying a parent about specified information.

  • (14-16) Prohibits school officials from encouraging children to withhold information from a parent.

  • (17-21) Prohibits school personnel from discouraging or prohibiting notification and involvement in critical decisions. Regarding a child's overall well-being.

  • (21-23) Prohibits classroom discussion regarding sexual orientation and gender identity