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It is time for Americans to Mobilize to fight the Marxists

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Get in the fight brothers. If we dont all stand together, this progressive marxist movement will define the world our kids and grandkids will grow up in. Their objective is to erase our history and destroy our way of life with violent attempts at re-educating the people of this country with their ideologies and forcibly suppressing any opposition. This is what defines true Marxism. It is time to take a stand.

This election coming up is one of the most important of our recent history. I did not vote for Trump in the last election, I had a website for years that fought fascist Neo-conservative republicans. My wife is an immigrant, my youngest brother is gay, and my mother's family is Mexican. It is very obvious where my vote belongs, but I cannot vote there. Progressive Marxists have taken over the left. They dont care who their candidate is, we have seen what they will do to gain power. Unless we all band together and make sure they dont get into power, the worst is yet to come.

These communists rioted unopposed. They showed a willingness to go beyond simple protests to produce a result and they have done so without opposition. If they get into power, what will they be allowed to do next? Tear down our churches? Get rid of our police and security? Redefined our language so that things like black coffee, white castle and the White House are considered hate speech and against the law? These people have targeted our constitution and will systematically attack it until we wake up in communism. This is an infiltration.

It is our turn to mobilize. It is our turn to band together and show them they will not be allowed to do this in our communities, to our businesses, to our country. This is America. They burn our flag. We are not a perfect nation, but we have LEGAL processes to change it. The minute we allow thugs to determine the outcome of our country, we lose our identity.

Do we really want to become what we have seen in this country this past month? I dont. I am not talking about the peaceful protests, but what those protests turned into. They were hijacked, and nobody in those protests did anything about it. I want to start assembling a group of AMERICANS that don't want to see our country taken over by communism. So, what do you say? Come join us here! Share things going on locally. Use this forum as a means to communicate. Let's band together and stop this. Their biggest fear is our mobilization!


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