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About Us


David Rooslet 
Owner Americas Tribune 

Designed to arm the liberty loving silent majority with intellectual ammunition

     Hello, my name is David Rooslet and I have been an independent researcher for the last 18 years. Some of you may have followed my previous project, The Seed of Truth Network. There was a time for that project, and although we had great success wuth it, that time has passed. The time has come for a new endeavor. This site is the fruit of the work put in over the last two decades. It is still designed to arm the liberty loving silent majority with intellectual ammunition, just with a cleaner look and feel.

     What I hope to accomplish here is simple, I want to bring you perspectives on the news and events transpiring around the world that mainstream media outlets may not be airing. I want to invoke thought and debate to help bring light to all the breadcrumbs of information that bombard us daily. 

     I hope that you will join me on this journey as we uncover the changing world around us and wake the masses with a red pill infusion that will shake the very core of this planet. Thank you for your support and God Bless.



Matthew S Simmons (The Patriot Edda) 
Americas Tribune

My name is Matthew S Simmons. Dave and Myself have known each other for close to 20 years. I served 10 years in the United States Army as a Paratrooper and Cavalry Scout with the 173rd Airborne brigade. I also served 4 years as an Active Duty Recruiter, later retiring from the Army in 2015 due to injuries sustained while serving. 


Mainstream media has lied to the American people for years. Some of my personal experiences with mainstream media motivated me to be more vocal in my support and pursuit of the truth. I have personally witnessed what the media can do when telling a story and the depths to which they will go in order to manipulate the truth for personal gain. 


America’s Tribune is the light at the end of the tunnel and can break that mold. Diverse writers with diverse opinions. While separating ourselves from mainstream media and enlightening those hungry for the truth. 

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