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A New Voice has Emerged. Freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia

A thunderous voice shouts from behind a mask that triggers the entire liberal side of the house. A new congresswoman from Georgia objects to the impeachment of President Trump. She represents Georgia's 14th Congressional District. She stood before congress and made a promise to the American people, to introduce articles of impeachment for Joe Biden on day one of his administration. Her name is Marjorie Taylor Greene and she is part of a new party that is growing in the United States.

The staunch supporter of President Trump pointed out that Biden collected millions of dollars from foreign governments and used Hunter to pocket dirty money from abroad. Also, Democrat representatives marched with protesters who torched buildings and attacked monuments, businesses, and federal buildings. If Trump is impeached, we should hold the treasonous politicians who supported the riots over the summer. That is a LONG list of scumbags that includes Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. If you are going to prosecute conservatives, you need to prosecute liberals in the same manner.

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