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Antifa Attacks Christian Protesters Outside Spa Where Trans-woman Exposed Their Penis to Children

Los Angeles, California - Several Christians showed up with signs to peacefully protest outside of the Wi Spa, where earlier in the week, a woman posted a video to social media complaining to the Spa after a man went into the women's section at the spa and exposed his penis in front of children in the area, claiming to be transgender. This has sparked outrage in the community and protests outside the spa.

Counter protests by Antifa and LGBT supporters were organized and went to disrupt the peaceful protests that were taking place. The counter protesters showed up and did not protest, but instead decided to assault the peaceful Christian protesters because they did not like their message. They attacked them with pepper spray, beat them with skateboards splitting one man's head open, ripped their signs, threw bottles and eggs at them, and proceeded to physically assault the protesters while yelling at them to leave.

Conservatives are waking up to a truth. The war has begun. If you think you can continue to sit in your house in the suburbs and not be out in the streets fighting together against these tyrants, then the war is already lost and you might as well subscribe to the communist party that has fostered this chaos here. Conservative are being beat because these cowards use numbers against protesters. They are well protected with helmets, body armor, weapons and masks to protect their faces. Conservatives need to get in the game or give up!

The world your children grow up in will be a world that does not know the country that our fathers and grand-fathers fought for. The man of lawlessness is here, and we are looking to people in our government to make a difference. If we don't all get out of our comfort zones and fight, there will be nothing left of this country. It will be destroyed.

The disadvantage that conservatives have is that most have decent jobs, a house, a family, kids, etc. These things make it harder to make a commitment to being out in the community fighting for our beliefs. The problem is, if we don't get out there, our way of life will be gone. Our children will be forced to learn that things that are good are evil and things that are evil are good. If you are OK with that, well then, this message is not for you. If you are tired of watching these things take place, it is time to organize.

One idea might be to organize a fully armed (either real or airsoft) conservative security militia that can dispatch in any state to deal with these domestic terrorists, since the local, state and federal governments wont touch them. They are disrupting people's right to protest and assaulting them because they disagree with their message. When the first amendment is under attack, we use the second to preserve it. Any existing militias or ideas of groups, please message us through our Facebook page. We cant allow this any longer.


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