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BLM Poster Says It All

I was recently in Newark, New Jersey this past week and could not believe the condition of the city. There were as many abandoned buildings as there were businesses. There was garbage everywhere and the sidewalks were littered with it. On the highway, you get a great view of all the graffiti on all the buildings. When you take an exit and go under a bridge, you find everything from car bumpers, shoes, clothes, garbage, and people sleeping.

A trip down Broad Street and I could not believe what I experienced. While walking by the buildings, I got a strong odor of urine coming from the exterior walls. As I walked along the street, I came across a building with some artistic BLM posters outside. What the poster said made me think. There are a lot of people out there defending the BLM rioters saying that they were not the ones rioting, looting and lighting things on fire. Well, that question has been answered in this blatant display of guilt. Here are the posters on the building lining a very busy street.


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