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Catching up on US Bio Labs. Part 2

Updated: May 8, 2022

Due to the fact that I am currently working on and airing this content on the pages. I figured it was in due order to catch you up on the first 2 parts of this 4-part project that I have easily spent roughly 20 hours digging into.

Part 3 will air directly from my page on Facebook tonight at 6pm EST. Which I will post here afterwards. Part 4 will more than likely air on Monday at 6pm EST. I am a single father. So, I will be spending the weekend with my child focused on her.

The 2 videos combined already put out over 2 hours of content. Which is why I had to break this up into 4 pars. No one really wants to listen to someone talk for 4 hours in one shot. Especially not a disgruntled veteran.

So, lets dig into the 2nd segment.

U.S Bio Labs Part 2

A list of references and notes from the video!

What we know already

The US had a biological weapons program that operated at Fort Detrick from 1943-1969

  • We know that the facility rebranded itself as a “biological defense” program and remained at Fort Detrick

  • We know that the United States carried out experiments on American citizens without their consent. Tuskegee Experiments, Subway Experiments in New York, The San Fransisco experiment, Operation Ranch Hand.

  • We know that the United States is still using Chemical weapons. White Phosphorus

  • We know one of the old facilities used to stockpile weapons is being used as a gated and guarded National Wildlife Refuge

How many biological labs does the United States have and where are they located? This is a rabbit hole that was hard to go down. And is still very hard to find true data on where ALL of these facilities could be.

Keep in mind that most of these facilities more than likely fall under the guise of Medical Research facilities as well. Spread across multiple DOD and Federal Agencies like the CDC and NIH

  • We already know that Fort Detrick is the main hub for biological research. USAMRIID (

As covered in part 1. The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases facility at Fort Detrick, specializes in Bio Defense. They also have a special pathogens laboratory listed on their page.


  • Per the page itself. “The Special Pathogens Laboratory (SPL) receives and analyzes clinical, environmental and BIOLOGICAL material for the presence of biological threat agents and disease-causing agents.”

  • They also list that they are one of three national laboratories in the CDC’s laboratory response network (LRN) and is a member of the Defense Laboratory Network (DLN)

First, we must look at the command that The Unted States army Meical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases belongs to.

  • The United States Army Medical Research and Development Command. USAMRDC: Mission/Vision (

  • The United States Army Medical Research and Development Command states that their mission is to be the Army’s medical material developer. With emphasis on medical research, development and acquisition.

  • MRDC Headquarters is in Fort Detrick Maryland. The connection to Fort Detrick historically, cannot be ignored. And as each part progresses. You will see the importance of this facility. Remember that it once housed the U.S Biological Weapons program.

Subordinate Commands! One must first note the geo location of many of the facilities that MRDC has. They are in very close proximity to the Washington D.C metroplex. Why is this so important? The Pentagon and Capitol Hill. The following locations are listed on their website. U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) worldwide command locations

On their website they list that they are organized into five division:

  • Biophysics and Biomedical Modeling

  • Military Nutrition

  • Military Performance

  • Thermal and Mountain Medicine

  • Research support

  • U.S Army Medical Research of Chemical Defense-Aberdeen, MD Who We Are - USAMRICD (

“Welcome to the Nation’s Center of Excellence for Medical Chemical Defense Research and Training”

This is the part where it starts to get really interesting. As the websites no only go directly to the U.S Embassy websites regarding these programs.


There are many accounts that it was the U.S Government who actually caused the HIV outbreak in the United States. More specifically within the African American population. Also, the LGBTQ population.

Was AIDS created in a lab by the CIA? Maybe that will be a rabbit hole to go down into in the future. In the spirit of sticking on topic. I however, will not do so today.

  • Rumor says that the virus was created at Fort Detrick back in the 1980’s. Considering Fort Detrick was the hub for our now “cancelled” biological weapons program. And the fact that they currently act as the Command and Control for, at the very least, the department of defense’s biological research programs.

I want to focus on the laboratories in Georgia however. Due to its connection to the current situation with Russia in Ukraine.

U.S Army Medical Research Directorate-Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia USAMRD-G Home (

  • Why is Georgia so important?

  • In 1991 during the fall of the Soviet Union. Georgia declared itself free and independent from Russia. Georgia (country) - Wikipedia

  • The following year in 1992, NATO began to work closely with Georgia. During which time they joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council.

  • There is a long history of NATO relations with Georgia starting with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

  • In 2008 the NATO-Georgia Commission sets the framework for close political relations in support of reform efforts. Preparations for future membership are taken forward. Membership into NATO? Which never happened. They are an ally. But not a member.

Now why is 2008 so important to note? That’s right. Russia attacked Georgia in 2008! In the same manner that it is currently attacking Ukraine.

  • Once again NATO and U.S provocation.

THE RUSS GEORGIAN WAR Russo-Georgian War - Wikipedia

  • On August 1st 2008. The war between Russian and Georgia began over the Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia declaring themselves independent of Georgia. Mirroring the same situation in Ukraine.

  • Ukranian Separatists declare Luhansk and Donetsk regions separate Republics from Ukraine.

  • Keep in mind what took place in Donbass 2013-2014 where the Ukrainian government was responsible for roughly 13,000 fatalities and over 30,000 wounded.

  • As early as 1991 separatists and nationalists began to fight in Georgia. Where you had essentially a civil war in Georgia between those who wanted to separate on the pro-Russian side. And those who wanted to remain independent. In the same exact manner as we see playing out in Ukraine. Maidan Revolution and Euro Maidan Revolution. (Which our government helped fund and arm)

  • War of 1992-1993 1991–1992 South Ossetia War | Military Wiki | Fandom

  • In 2003 a pro-Western Government was installed.

  • The war began on August 1st 2008 when Russian backed South Ossetian Forces began to shell Georgia.

  • By August 8th 2008 Russia began a full-scale invasion into Georgia. Labeling it a Peace Enforcement Operation. Just like in Ukraine.

  • Are we going to ignore the fact that the United States has done the same thing over the course of decades in the name of Freedom?

  • On August 26th 2008. Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Odessa

  • By October 8th 2008 Russia mostly completes its withdrawal from undisputed Georgian Territories.

So why does this correlate to the lab in Georgia? Well in the same manner that Ukraine has biological facilities ran and funded by the United States and NATO. Georgia does as well. Nothing says provocation like putting biological labs on Russian borders.

The website goes on further to state that the program is under the direct control of the U.S Embassy. So now you have to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Knowing that the United States had a biological weapons program they claim ended in 1969? Are they still carrying out those operations overseas under the guise of medical research?

  • Knowing that the United States is putting these labs on Russia’s border. Can we really sit here and blame Russia for expressing concerns over these labs?

  • And why were they also placed in Ukraine? Which I will more than likely cover in a part 3.

These labs exist. And a majority of them are in the Washington D.C metroplex and surrounding area. More specifically, we know that Fort Detrick is the command and control for these operations. And Fort Detrick has history with the United States Biological Weapons program. Let’s take a look at a few of them. And their Geo location

MOMRP (Military Operational Medical Research Program)

Whether you agree with the propaganda on both sides or not. This information is readily accessible. And the links to government agencies and their websites. You can’t deny the information that is sitting right in front of you. I am no fan of Russia or China. But looking at it objectively?

Here we are. Putting bio labs on Russian borders. Knowing full well that this is a form of provocation.

If you are on the side that you don’t care about provoking Russia? Ask yourself what the United States would do if this was happening on our Canadian or Mexican border backed by China, Russia, North Korea or Iran.

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