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Donald Trump could be President by 2022.

No, this is not a Q-Anon conspiracy prediction. There is a real and legitimate path that could put Donald Trump back in the White House before the 2024 election. He would also be able to run again in 2024 with this idea and he would be the first president in a long time to actually serve 10 years as our president. Ready for the plan?

OK, We have midterm elections coming up in 2022. Donald Trump has residency in Florida and could run for the House of Representatives in Florida. He could run against one of the 11 democrats in the state and flip another seat to red, giving the Republicans 17 seats to 10 in the state. The Republicans took 12 seats from the democrats in 2020, and if they continue their surge in the 2022 election and take 8 more seats from the democrats, they will control the house. If they do the same in the senate and flip just 1 seat, which it looks pretty promising, as the 2020 Senate special election winner in Georgia is under investigation for voter fraud, they will control the house and the senate. What could happen from there would throw every liberal in this country into a tizzy.

Trump could be elected to be the Speaker of the House, a position that is 3rd in line behind the President and Vice President. As speaker of the House, He could introduce articles of impeachment against Biden and Harris and have them removed from power with votes from the House and Senate. This would make Donald J Trump the President of the United States once again and he would still be eligible to run again in 2024.

So, if we want this to become a reality, we need to already be excited about the 2022 elections and show up in RECORD NUMBERS! Lets make this a reality and take this country back from the communists whose only intentions are to destroy our way of life as we know it.

Spread this message to as many people as you can!

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