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Have Communists Influenced Disney Pictures Since the 1930's?

Almost every child in the United States grew up watching Disney movies and can name several of them without even trying. Most kids even watch the same movies over and over to the tune of hundreds of times each during their childhood. Why not, these are good lessons that teach about overcoming difficult situations, right? What if there was something more sinister at work, that subconsciously programs your child into seeing the world in a particular way? Well, let's take a closer look at some of the things that helped shape Disney over the years.

Disney began its journey almost a hundred years ago in 1923 with 2 brothers, Walt and Roy, making short animated cartoon series. It was five years later that the icon Mickey Mouse was born at a studio in Hollywood, California where they employed many artists to accomplish their visions.

Disney enjoyed success right up to WWII where their international market was hindered by the war. Disney started to make propaganda cartoons and training films for the military during the war, as they were contracted to so by the state department. After the war, Disney was brought before the House un-American Activities Committee, as it was believed that Hollywood films contained communist ideas and overtones that were sympathetic to the Soviet Union. It wasn't until 1954 that Washington outlawed the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).

In the 1947 hearing, Walt Disney, an anti communist informant for the FBI, admitted that his artists had been infiltrated by communist groups that wanted to use his studio for propaganda. When he refused, they smeared Disney and there was a strike of the artists. Disney stated that the communists had been attempting to get control of the movie industry and that they embedded themselves into the labor unions.

So what exactly were the communists trying to do with the Hollywood studios? They wanted to implant communist ideologies into the programming, such as Marxist ideologies that were born from Frederich Engel’s The Origin of The Family, where Engels suggests that the family is designed to control women and protect property. The destruction of the nuclear family became the goal and the mother figure seemed to be the target.

Disney producers seemed to have destroyed the nuclear family in almost every one of their animations, where the mother figure seems to be non-existant or quickly killed off in the films. Lets take a look at how Disney artists and producers have portrayed the nuclear family in their productions...


In this tale, Aladdin has no parents as his mother died when he was a child. Princess Jasmine has just a father.


Bambi is born in the beginning of the movie and shortly thereafter his mother is killed. Sadly, Bambi’s mom is also killed by a hunter in the original novel “Bambi, A Life in the Woods”, by Felix Salten

Beauty and the Beast

Bell lives with her father and no mother is ever mentioned. The Disney film is based on the book “a Belle et la Bete”, by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. It was published in France in 1740, and indeed, Belle’s mom is not living in the book either (but she has 3 brothers in the book)

Big Hero 6

Hiro and his brother Tadashi (who dies mid-film) are raised by their Aunt Cass following the death of their parents when Hiro was 3

Chicken Little

Chicken Little has a father and and his mother was deceased.


Cinderella's mother was deceased and after her father remarried, he dies unexpectedly in the beginning of the movie and she is left in the care of an evil step-mother. To be fair, Disney did kill off Cinderella’s dad who lives in the original book. But her mom dying and her dad marrying the evil step-mother is all in the original novel “Cindrillon” by French author Charles Perrault