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If Trump Invokes the Insurrection Act, 20,000 Troops are Already in Place.

What is the best way for President Trump to get 20,000 troops into Washington DC without the democrats freaking out? Easy, make them think it was their idea. With troops loyal to the president, all that would need to happen is for Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and all the traitors would be in Washington at the same time.

Some people are thinking, I thought he was impeached? His impeachment trial does not even take place until an hour after Joe Biden takes office, which there is no precedent to impeach a former president, so it will do nothing except fuel the division that exists in this country.

While the democrats are busy setting precedents with impeachment proceedings, Trump could set one with a military coup, that would actually be supported by 50 percent of this country. What does he have to lose at this point? The democrats made a mockery of the election process, broke laws in several states to pave the way for outright cheating to give Biden the lead. They control much of the media and continue to deliver a false narrative while attempting to silence any voice that preaches the contrary. They are systematically attacking and eroding our constitutional rights. If this situation does not justify the people rising up against this rogue power, what would our situation have to look like for it to be an option?

The FBI has already issued warnings for 2021 stating that this will be the worst year in this countries history for domestic terrorism. Former FBI leader Frank Figliuzzi believes his former colleagues and other agencies lack critical tools to reign in domestic terrorism.

"Because we don't domestic terrorism the same as we treat international terrorism," he said. "By that, I mean, most people on the street think domestic terrorism must be against the law. There is no law against domestic terrorism. That means that the FBI is forced to wait for people to be on a journey toward violence before they can open an investigation. That's not true on the international terrorism side."

Figliuzzi believes that this country will see an insurgency that lasts well beyond Donald Trump leaving office. Many believe this to be an accurate intelligence assessment. This will come to be known as, BIDEN'S AMERICA!

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