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Jenn Psaki Just Claimed That Republicans Were Responsible For Defunding The Police

Washington, DC: After taking a beating with extreme violence breaking out in Democrat run cities, Jenn Psaki just gave a press briefing and claimed that the Republicans were responsible for defunding the police. This is how stupid the administration believes their base is. All the left does now is LIE. Why not, when they have a compliant media that repeats anything they want them to, and a base that does ZERO research on their own and plays victim to Operation Mockingbird.

Conservatives are not sitting back on these blatant mistakes that Biden has made since seizing office. WE are exposing every lie, every mis-step, every broken promise, and every liberal city that has become a garbage dump for the homeless and drug addicts. This administration is a disgrace in every aspect of the term. Many liberals are embarrassed to have these people representing them.

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