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Mitch McConnell has Both Marxists and Trumpers Protesting After His House is Vandalized

Mitch McConnell is under fire right now by both sides of the aisle. The block in the senate to pass the additional stimulus money, requested by President Trump, for the American people was waged by McConnell. As many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, people all over the country are fuming about the inability to pass the additional funds needed.

On another front, Trumpers are protesting McConnell as he has attempted to stop the protest of the certification of the electoral college that will take place on January 6th. With a mountain of new evidence available, congress with have the opportunity to hear the arguments, which have been defeated in the courts, not over merit, but technicalities. New lawsuits have been filed to have the cases heard based on the merit of the evidence to overturn the results in several states. Many Trumpers have gathered at McConnell's house to protest his defiance of the constitutional process of the presidential elections.

McConnell's house was spray painted with messages of "Where's my money?" and "Mitch kills Poor!" Both groups said that the messages were spray painted there before they arrived. Mitch responded to the vandalism saying, "My wife and I have never been intimidated by this toxic playbook."

It was only days ago that Nancy Pelosi had her house vandalized by Marxists, who spray painted her house with messages like, "We want everything" and placed a severed pigs head with a trail of blood in front of her garage.

Is it time to get rid of these two political lifers, who have obviously lost touch with the reality of what people are going through because of their decisions. Should people rise up and demand term limits on people in the House and Senate, just as it is for the Presidency. It sure seems to be moving in that direction.


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