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Mob of BLM and Antifa Attack Trumpers in New York. Media Silent. Now We Know Why.

Videos are starting to show up coming out of New York where Antifa and BLM are in riot gear and not a word from the media. They have attacked the group Jews for Trump and an all out brawl is taking place in the streets right now. This was an obvious planned event.

The liberals have tried to knock out communications for conservatives with Twitter silencing the president and anyone loyal to him, facebook deleting conservative apps, an all out war against Parler where google dropped them from their play store, apple dropped them from their app store, apple then had an update done to delete Parler from your phone (do not update your apple phones), and now Amazon is about to shut down the servers that host Parler. For those of you who still think this is for show, it is not for show. These are war tactics.

At least now we have an understanding of what the plan might have looked like. This letter was taken from the laptop that was stolen from Nancy Pelosi's office. We are going to continue exposing the attempted theft of this nation and fighting the groups behind it. Democrats, please wake up. This was the plan all along. You have been nothing more than products of a mockingbird experiment to control how you feel about events. Understand where this is going. If you do not stand up with us for what is right, and that being all of us being protected by the constitution, this country will collapse. We will all lose in this. China and Russia will win, and we will be no more. The politicians that helped this to happen will be rewarded. We need to stand together or lose everything. Our children will not know the freedoms that we knew. This is not about Trump vs Biden, it is about us vs. the world. They are trying to destroy our country. Stand with us. Fight with us. We will prevail!

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