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The PGA Tour vs LIV Golf Part 2

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Ok in part 2 I’m going to discuss the lawsuit by former PGA Tour golfers that were suspended when they signed on for LIV events.

The LIV recently joined the 7 remaining PGA golfers in the lawsuit alleging ani-trust and monopolistic power. Those 7 are; Matt Jones, Talor Gooch and Hudson Swafford -- who recently lost a temporary restraining order hearing that would have allowed them to play in the FedEx Cup Playoffs. As well as Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Peter Uihlein and Ian Poulter. Pat Perez, Carlos Ortiz, Abraham Ancer, and Jason Kokrak

recently dropped out of the lawsuit.

Perez and Ortiz both released statements saying generally the same thing. That they have no ill will toward the Tour and that’s why they backed out. On a personal note it sounds like both these guys don’t want to be permanently suspended from the PGA.

The golfers are claiming that their suspension from the PGA tour was aimed at hurting their careers. The LIV is claiming that the PGA tour, through actions, forced the LIV to start in 2022 instead of 2021 and have a reduced schedule. The LIV also claims it was forced to raise pay in order to sign players due to the PGA suspending any players that did sign on.In the amended complaint, LIV Golf argues that without a favorable ruling, its "ability to maintain a meaningful competitive presence in the markets will be destroyed."

The trial is not set to start until 2024, but the headlines will certainly continue to erupt. On a personal note, I understand people aren’t happy about where the money is coming from. That is a legitimate concern. But it will never be proven that the money came from crimes committed by the Saudi government. On the PGA side, if they’re that afraid of a little competition then perhaps they should do something to secure their fanbase. Or do anything to draw in new viewers. I can assure you that none of the PGA tour’s motives are about where the money comes from. They’re concerned about another golf company taking their ratings, golfers, and money. The PGA wants to maintain their monopoly and therefore never have to change anything about the sport.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I made part 2 shorter, please leave me a comment. Also check out my podcast and businesses.

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