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The real reason Trump vetoed the Stimulus Bill

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

The stimulus bill that was just passed in the House and the Senate is much different than what was originally anticipated. If you remember before the election, Trump had a stimulus plan that was worth $1.8 trillion dollars to help the people out during this pandemic. Nancy Pelosi said she would not let it pass the House. At the time she said it was not enough. Later she was blasted by CNN for not taking the deal and playing politics with people's lives because she didn't want people getting a check with Trump's name on it before the election.

So, what did she finally pass? That would be the current $900 billion dollar bill, that only spends a third on US citizens. This bill spends more on lobbyist groups and people in other countries than the people here in the US that need it.

Here is a list of several things that were jammed into the 5000 page document that nobody in congress even had time to read in the 2 hours they were allotted to vote on it. This bill contains:

  1. $85.5 million dollars for assistance to Cambodia

  2. $134 million dollars to Burma

  3. $1.3 billion dollars for Egypt and the Egyptian military, used to purchase Russian military equipment

  4. $25 million dollars for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan

  5. $505 million dollars to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama

  6. $40 million dollars for the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, which is not even open

  7. $1 billion dollars for the Smithsonian, which is closed

  8. $154 million dollars for the National Gallery of Art, which is closed

  9. $7 million dollars for reef fish management

  10. $25 million dollars to combat Asian carp

  11. 2.5 million dollars to count the number of amber jack fish in the Gulf of Mexico

  12. A provision to promote the breeding of fish in federal hatcheries

  13. $3 million dollars in poultry production technology

  14. $2 million dollars to research the impact of down trees

  15. $566 million dollars for construction projects at the FBI

  16. It also allows the families of illegal aliens to get up to $1800 each, which is far more than the Americans are given

  17. $25 million dollars for the House of Representatives, resulting in a raise of $57,471 for each one of them, after blocking relief to Americans in need all year

  18. Americans are only getting $600.

The democrats knew the election was going to come down to the January 6th certification process, which is why they tried to win house seats all over the country to get a lead in the delegations, but failed miserably. They are fearful that they have been exposed and are now trying to cram as many things into bills for them as they can. In the NDAA, they attempted to put a provision that blocks the president from invoking the Insurrection Act and deploying troops into the street to take care of unrest. Once again, they failed. They know what is coming, but continue to feed their sheep with lies and deceit. They are not for the people of this country, as evident in this stimulus bill. They want to destroy this country, and are angry that the people are fighting back! Share this and let the Dems know, D-Day is coming!


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