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The U.S still uses chemical weapons. Civilian Casualties and Western hypocrisy.

Updated: May 8, 2022

I spent the weekend, as I often do when I have my child, simply observing the news and taking notes. And could not help but notice trends in all the mainstream media outlets. Headline after headline that read “Kremlin says it used hypersonic missiles for a second time.”

“Russia Uses Hypersonic Weapons as War Enters Bloodier Phase.”

Then I started to notice the furthering trend of talking about the possible use of Chemical weapons by Russia in Ukraine. With headlines that read “Russia and chemical weapons: What you need to know.”

“Why the U.S fears Russia’s potential use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine.”

Then you start seeing all the headlines regarding civilian casualties and the damage taking place in Ukraine.

“Russia turns its weapons on civilians, targeting school and theaters.”

“Russian Forces destroy art school sheltering 400 civilians in Mariupol, authorities say.”

First of all. Hypersonic missiles are hardly weapons of mass destruction. This emphasis on Russia using weapons that it has in its arsenal is just a ploy to instill fear and war mongering across the globe. The United States itself has deployed much more lethal rounds across multiple countries over the years. Do we have to bring up the fact that Donald J. Trump dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan? On April 13th, 2017.

If you don’t know anything about the MOAB. It is an airburst weapon. And one of the largest non-nuclear weapons that the United States possesses. During both of my tours to Afghanistan. The largest weapons we dropped were 2,000-5,000-pound JDAM’s. Those weapons were enough to cause extensive damage in Afghanistan. You could feel the impact for miles. I have witnessed these rounds with my own eyes. The MOAB is a 22-THOUSAND-pound munitions. With a 1-mile blast radius. Bush refused to use it because of the potential it had to cause unwanted civilian casualties. But we dropped it on ISIS in Afghanistan. I didn’t see too much outrage at the time. So why the outrage with Russia regarding their weapon systems? Hypocrisy.

The United States has conducted operations across the globe that involved targeting civilians on more than one occasion. But first I want to talk about this propaganda and semantics game the administration is playing with chemical weapons.

Never mind the fact that the United States once operated a biological weapons program from 1943-1969 at Fort Detrick Maryland. A program that I believe still exists. Under the guise of “biological defense”. Which I have covered in more than one video on my YouTube channel.

They got caught with their pants down in Ukraine. We already know that those labs exist and that they indeed were funded and operated by the United States Department of Defense.

The U.S Embassy in Ukraine admits to these labs existing as well.

And now the United States is running a global information campaign to accuse Russia of what they have been doing all along. The whole “they are going to say that others are doing what they plan on doing themselves.” Narrative that Victoria Nuland tried to pitch to Congress. After admitting that they are concerned these facilities will fall into Russian hands. Even Jen Psaki hopped on the train.

Do you all really buy this bs? Knowing full well that we have bio labs in Ukraine? Yet, we are concerned that Russia is going to attack Ukraine with biological or Chemical weapons? Pot meet kettle. I wouldn’t put it past this administration to carry out a false flag and blame it on Russia. So that they can cover their tracks. Call it a conspiracy theory all you want. But if it smells like pig shit, it’s probably pig shit. But I digress.

The United States uses chemical weapons right now. We have chemical weapons. That we use. In the form of White Phosphorus munitions. Phosphorus is a chemical agent. You can't beat around the bush and label it anything other than a chemical weapon. IT IS A CHEMICAL WEAPON! And you cannot tell me that we do not use them. I spent 2 tours in Afghanistan USING them. Anytime we got caught in a major gunfight. Or anytime we knew where they were firing rockets or indirect fire from, we fired “Willie P” on those locations.

Hell July 27th, 2007, we had to call in danger close Apache Hellfire missiles armed with White Phosphorus on our location to keep the enemy from advancing. Danger close. And if you don’t know what this round does. I encourage you to look it up. Just breathing this stuff in will burn you from the inside out. And it burns everything around it.

So don’t sit here and tell me that the United States and NATO are the ambassadors of morality when they literally operate chemical weapons overseas. Weapons I know that they use because I was there when they were used.

So, let’s talk about this civilian casualty hypocrisy and propaganda. Did we forget that the United States spent 20 years fighting armed civilians in both Iraq and Afghanistan? They weren’t trained nor standing armies. Although we did face foreign fighters often, who were trained by other nations.

What happens when a civilian picks up a firearm and begins to fight? Are they civilians anymore? Absolutely not. They are armed combatants. And if you talk to any combat veteran, they will tell you the same thing. I fought plenty of “civilians” during both of my tours to Afghanistan. And I honestly didn’t even blame them. When I first launched my page and YouTube channel. The first guest that I had on was a fellow veteran that I served with in Afghanistan. And we specifically talk about this. This was before I set things up more professionally and was operating with just my phone. But the content speaks for itself.

Keep in mind that Ukraine has a law that requires civilians to fight in the military or face treason charges. Keep in mind that males from 16-60 were told they could not leave the country and had to stay to fight Russia. Keep in mind that Ukraine was arming its civilians to fight Russia before they even invaded on February 24th.

I call bs on these videos that state Russia is just indiscriminately firing on civilians just to target civilians. When we know they have converted entire factories in order to make massive amounts of Molotov cocktails. Where is the context? How many of these civilians are fighting from rooftops and windows? We faced the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When a civilian arms themselves. They are no longer civilians. They are enemy combatants.

This doesn’t mean I support Russia. So, throw that in the trash. I just understand war. And I know what I experienced in Afghanistan. By the logic that I am seeing. I would've been considered a war criminal and murderer. Not so much huh? It is once again hypocrisy.

Let’s talk about how innocent the United States is. And how not a single person was criminally charged or even prosecuted for war crimes.

You remember in August when 13 U.S servicemembers were killed because of our incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan? What did we do? We retaliated by killing innocent civilians.

That’s right. On August 29th 2021 we carried out a drone strike on a vehicle inside of Kabul that killed 10 innocent civilians. And our entire administration admitted that it was a mistake. Even the Pentagon admitted it. They targeted the wrong vehicle. And all they could do was say “Sorry, it was a mistake.”

McKenzie even stated that he is “fully responsible for this strike and this tragic outcome.”

The guy that they targeted was a 43-year-old U.S Aid worker who worked for a U.S Non-Profit (Nutrition and Education International) by the name of Zamarai Ahmadi.

“We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.” Joe Biden

Seven children were killed in that attack. Who did you make pay Joe? I have a better question. Who paid for this mistake? Who was prosecuted? Who was charged with war crimes? No one.

I guess it’s ok when the United States kills an entire family. But they go on t.v and talk about how tragic the events in Ukraine are. Hypocrites.

It’s not the first time that the United States has done this either. What about the Kunduz Hospital on October 3rd 2015? 42 civilians were killed. And over 30 were injured. Yet, not a single person was ever tried for war crimes or even charged for that matter.

So, you know what? Spare me. I have been to war twice for this nation. I spend hours looking at reporting objectively. I understand war more than most. When I turn on the television or look in my news feeds. I see nothing but bullshit. And propaganda. If you don’t like that? Leave a message in the comments and customer service will get back to you at their earliest convenience.

I am tired of all of it. The platitudes. The gaslighting. The false dichotomies. The lies and the propaganda. We are the biggest hypocrites in the world. And we have very much become international bullies. All NATO is to me? An international cabal of oligarchs that lobby war for profit. The same industrial war complex that we all claim to be against. They profit on death. And monetize it. And it makes me sick to my stomach every time I look at the medals that sit in my shadow box. Knowing full well how corrupt our higher ups and elected officials are. Moreso, it makes me disgusted that the American people cannot look past their own noses long enough to see what is actually going on. It’s apparently only excusable when the United States kills innocent women and children.

-The Patriot Edda-

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