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This is What Liberal Cities Have Become...Polish Journalist Assaulted and Called Nazi

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Here is an encounter that a female Polish American Journalist Tara Szczepanski had after she interviewed an elderly woman who was attacked by Antifa and BLM. She was harassed and assaulted by a mob of BLM and Antifa thugs that beat her with umbrellas, threw eggs at her head and covered her in silly string. After making her way to a group of Police for protection, she got none, as the police only told her to stay 6 feet away and continued to do nothing as the mob continued to assault and harass her.

These are the communist tactics being used by the left to attempt to intimidate the right into submission. This group continues to follow this play because there are no repercussions for their actions. They are not being arrested, if they are arrested, they are being bailed out by funds that have been set up by Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, and then they go before liberal judges who dismiss the case.

Conservatives need to wake up and get into the game. This is not people being civil and following the rule of law. These are war tactics. Conservatives may try to play the higher horse card, but when the fabric of society has broken down to this point, what is it for. If this is accepted, what will the world look like that we leave to our children? Get out of your nice neighborhoods and nice houses with your families and see what is coming to your back yard before its too late.

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