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What if I told you NATO is the aggressor?

Updated: May 8, 2022

Hear me out.... take the time to actually read. I promise I won't lead you astray.

Do you guys ever stop to analyze ANYTHING? Or just follow the person in front of you without asking where they're taking you...

NATO was formed in 1949 to combat the Soviet Union. By all rights and purposes, it should have dissolved in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. No Soviet Union, No NATO.

When Ukraine claimed its independence in 1991 the U.S and NATO almost immediately moved to work against Russia in Ukraine. Bill Clinton finalized the Budapest Memorandum and NATO bullied Ukraine into nuclear disarmament in 1994. NATO has tried for years to station troops in Ukraine. Without accepting them into NATO. Why? Because NATO made an agreement with Russia that it would stop expanding East. If they accepted Ukraine into NATO, it would be a violation of that agreement and a Declaration of War against Russia.

The U.S has gain of function clinics in Ukraine. Medical labs. That is no longer a secret. It is documented and admitted by the United States Government. It is also tied to an old biological weapons program that we ran out of Fort Detrick, MD. From 1943-1969. They now identify the program as “biological defense”.

HUNTER BIDEN WAS ON THE BOARD AT BURISMA. They planted a Vice President's son in Ukraine.

We constantly move troops into Poland. That's why the 173rd stopped combat deployments in 2014. And started training with Poland. I served with the 173rd. So, I know their exploits very well.


This would be like Mexico or Canada asking to become a part of Russia or China. And Russia or China funding and arming the Mexican Army and trying to maneuver troops to our southern border and claiming it's just training exercises.

We would invade Mexico in a heartbeat if they did that. But Russia is supposed to just shut up and accept NATO maneuvering military forces near their border?

Russia is no more a bully than NATO is. And they fooled us into funding their bullshit exploits. They're businessmen in the form of foreign representatives that simply formed a Cabal to look out for their own corporate interests globally through military force. Money for blood and blood for money.

Why do you think Russia and North Korea opened the door to diplomacy with Donald Trump? Because he wanted to withdraw from NATO and the globalist elite fucking HATED him for it. That's why they can't stop calling him a Russian puppet. Because the U.S leaving NATO would be the end of NATO and easy $$$ for the global elite at the expense of the American taxpayer. And I am not exactly much of a fan of Trump anymore at all.

This isn't our fight. Russia is our adversary. But so is NATO.

Stop with the group think. Because it'll end up getting your children drug into a global nuclear war that they will not survive.

You're looking at a war with China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India and North Korea for a European union of criminals and world bankers.

P.s I've carried out operations for NATO. So, I know how NATO operates in warzones.

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