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After Democrats Argue Blacks Cant Do Math, Shalanda Young Gets Roasted On Simple Math Problems

Shalanda Young, the acting Director of the office of Management and Budget, goes before the Senate and gets absolutely destroyed by Senators Mitt Romney (Utah) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin). Both Senators correct Young on the fact that Trumps tax plan actually worked and led to record unemployment for minorities around the country and helped stimulate job growth by incentivizing corporations to locate here in the United States. These concepts are obviously too much for the Director to grasp as she appears to struggle with some basic math problems, but like every liberal is brainwashed to do, just keeps repeating their mantra that the wealthy need to pay their fair share. Truth is not their goal, and they will continue to attempt to punish businesses in this country, who will in turn continue to pass the punishment on to the consumers in higher prices. Take a look at the two congressmen exchange information with her...

Romney Destroys Shalanda Young

Senator Johnson Destroys Shalanda Young


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