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BLM/Antifa Threatens to Burn Down DC... Liberal Media Silent.

Over the weekend, BLM and Antifa threatened to burn down Washington D.C. and the liberal media seemed to ignore this because it does not fit their narrative of Biden stopping the riots. It has become more and more obvious, these communist organizations do not care for Biden. He is not radical and progressive enough for them so they will turn on him and destroy cities and this country. They don't care that Kamala Harris bailed them out of prison so they could continue to cause chaos in the streets while Trump was in office. Lets see if Law and Order becomes the democrats rally cry. It will be one more thing they copy Trump on. They already changed the policy on how to deal with these protests, after allowing them to exist without interference. People are waking up to the FACT that BIDEN LIED!

BLM threatens to burn down the city

Kim Klacik speaks about the rioters and their demands.

BLM protesters went into restaurants and bothered people who were eating.

Police changed their policy in DC now that Biden is in power and they no longer stay a block away. They get right up on the protesters. Another example of how BIEDEN LIED!

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1 Comment

Millie Ranck
Millie Ranck
Mar 01, 2021

Thank you for the truth you are presenting

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