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Biden already has articles of Impeachment filed against him

Only 2 days into his disgraceful administration, one that started with 30,000 troops having to protect him from his own citizens, Biden already has articles of impeachment filed against him. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene filed the impeachment papers on Biden's second day in office. The filing accuses Biden of being unfit for office and raises concerns about his role in the Hunter Biden Burisma investigation.

Liberals thought that once Biden got in, there would be a utopia waiting for them. They were lied to.

The media told them that Trump was responsible for all the deaths from covid and kept a counter up on the screen 24/7. Once Biden got inaugurated, no more death counter.

The media told liberals that President Trump was dangerous because he wanted to open the economy and kill people. On Biden's first day, his covid plan was to open the economy. His plan IS Trump's plan.

Biden told everyone that he would not ban fracking, yet only 2 days into his term he showed that he lied about that.

Democrats used the media and told liberals that the riots would stop once Trump was out of office, yet as Biden was being inaugurated, riots continued in Seattle, Boston and Portland, where Antifa, BLM, and now Trumpers caused chaos in the cities and destroyed the DNC in Portland.

When are the liberals going to wake up and realize that they have been the ones being lied to using an operation that started in the 60s and today is showing its true power over people's minds. Using the mockingbird media, the democrats spoon feed narratives to the masses via the many liberal media networks and newspapers and they dont even know enough to question when something is not right.

Well, here we are in Biden's America. Covid is as much of a problem now as it was 6 months ago. Riots are still plaguing the liberal cities. People are still dying. The economy is in the toilet. Small businesses were destroyed because of liberal policies, and now that Biden is in, the Democrats are allowing the economy to open. They decided that blaming Trump, lying to the masses and destroying their livelihoods was a good way to get into the White House.

They were right.

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1 Comment

Millie Ranck
Millie Ranck
Mar 01, 2021

Thank you for doing this. Joe Biden does need to be responsible for his wrong doing. We are praying for you. It seems that the left go after those that oppose them. May The Lord protect you and your family according to Ps. 91. God bless F. and M. Ranck

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