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BREAKING: Pennsylvania Voting Machines Caught Rejecting REPUBLICAN Ballots in Primary Election

Voting machines in a Pennsylvania primary election are being investigated due to them not reading ballots cast for Republican candidates. Election officials in Fayette county noticed the problem when people said the machines were not reading their ballots and spitting them back out. Officials originally stated that it was just an issue with the machine reading the barcodes. Upon further investigation, they realized that the issue was only happening when a person voted for a Republican candidate. They confirmed that there were no problems when a person voted for a Democrat. Now the republican votes will have to be collected and hand counted at a later time.

This is sparking an outcry from the right about some of the irregularities that happened during the presidential election, where in some areas, ballots were not even allowed to be fed into the machine and voters were told that they would be fed into the machine by them later. A record is created when this happens, and those records, which are supposed to be saved in a backup, were found to be deleted.

This definitely re-opens the debate of whether the presidential election was stolen using these machines. With the amount of evidence piling up in the Arizona audit and now this being uncovered, it is leaving people with only one conclusion... The presidential election result was a fraud!

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