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Catching up on US Bio Labs. Part 1

Updated: May 8, 2022

Due to the fact that I am currently working on and airing this content on the pages. I figured it was in due order to catch you up on the first 2 parts of this 4-part project that I have easily spent roughly 20 hours digging into.

Part 3 will air directly from my page on Facebook tonight at 6pm EST. Which I will post here afterwards. Part 4 will more than likely air on Monday at 6pm EST. I am a single father. So, I will be spending the weekend with my child focused on her.

The 2 videos combined already put out over 2 hours of content. Which is why I had to break this up into 4 pars. No one really wants to listen to someone talk for 4 hours in one shot. Especially not a disgruntled veteran.

So, let's dive into the first segment.

U.S Bio Labs Part 1

Notes and References from the video

What is bio defense? Bio defense uses medical measures to protect people against bioterrorism. Includes medications and vaccinations. It also included medical research and preparations. To defend against bio terrorist attacks. This makes sense. And seems like something that we DO NEED. We have to have some sort of biological weapons defense system in place in case our adversaries attempt to use these forms of attacks in the future. However, this seems like a double-edged sword. Because this could also be a guise to create biological weapons ourselves. Is it really out of the realm of possibility to think that we have nuclear capabilities but not also BIOLOGICAL capabilities?

Did the United States have a biological weapons program? I will cover that separately.

First, we must note that in their roughly 9-minute video. USAMRIID points out that their programs were being utilized by The Department of Health and Human Resources to help civilian providers manage biological break outs.

  • Department of Health and Human Services involvement in mandates and lockdowns tied to USAMRIID? Were the mandates and lockdowns a military response?

  • They admit that they have over 700 active agreements with multiple agencies including the federal government. What are those agreements? And did the United States have a Biological Weapons program?

United States biological weapons program | Military Wiki | Fandom

The United States had a 26-year history with its biological weapons program. During which time it studied and weaponized multiple biological agents. These agents included:

Some of the uses for these agents

Keep in mind that these are all allegations. But, is it really beyond the realm of possibility that the United States would have used biological weapons back then? What would be the purpose of biological weapons programs without testing those programs in real life combat situations? Why even have the program? Especially when there were experiments conducted on civilians. Again, Tuskegee experiments come to mind. Not only were the Tuskegee experiments conducted on civilians who did not give consent. So were the following. United States biological weapons program | Military Wiki | Fandom