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CDC admits they do not have a single case of transmission from a naturally immune person

A letter was recently sent to the CDC requesting data on all unvaccinated people known to have contracted Covid, got better, contracted covid again and spread it to another person while infected. These statistics could form the basis for why naturally immune people may still need to get vaccinated. So with the CDC pushing this narrative, you would think they would have the "SCIENCE" to back it up, right?

On the contrary, the CDC responded to this letter stating that they do not have ANY DATA showing transmission from unvaxxed naturally immune people spreading Covid. Without this data, exactly how do they justify FORCING people who already have the antibodies to get the shot or lose their jobs.

One might conclude that these people are acting, not in the best interest of the people, but in the best interest of the Pharma corporations that most of them have worked for. It would not be the first time we have seen unethical practices by the CDC and their body of directors. In 2018, the director resigned when it was learned that she invested in Merck and Bayer. In 2009, the former director of the CDC took a vaccine job at Merck.

As for the current Director, her very first order of business, after being handed the position from Biden on his first day in office, was to overstep her authority and place an UNCONSTITUTIONAL 60 day extension of a covid ban restricting landlords from evicting tenants for non-payment. The Supreme Court struck down the unconstitutional order.

With this track record, and all the lies being pushed in the mainstream media, where are the people supposed to turn for a trusted source on this highly politicized, corporate pandemic?

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