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China Bolstering Their Nuclear Arsenal As Warning to US

China just told the US that they are preparing for an intense showdown by increasing many of their long range missiles and commissioned nuclear warheads. Hostility towards China and its people are becoming commonplace in American cities. There are people in the cities like New York, Portland, Philadelphia and Boston who are walking around attacking Asians. Now the evidence is starting to build, showing that China may have covered up the release of the Covid virus from their bio-weapons lab in Wuhan.

With China increasing their weapons at an alarming rate, do you think they are afraid that the investigations into the origin of the virus are going to show some evidence that may warrant an attack from the US? If we find that the virus was leaked from the lab, the next question that needs to be answered is 'Was it on purpose or an accident?' If it was an accident, that does not really warrant us going to war with them, so why would they need to build up their warheads? On the other hand, if it is learned that the virus was released on purpose, now we have to look at why they did it and what we are going to do about it.

Another question we have to ask, is the obvious. Joe Biden's drug addict son has been in the news because of information found on his abandoned laptop linking him and his father to financial payments to the tune of $10million annually from a Chinese billionaire. Biden shut down all the government investigations into the Chinese origins of the virus that were started by Donald Trump. Can we trust Biden to do the right thing if we learn that China is to blame?

The next piece of the puzzle makes this a little more messy. It involves the flip-flopping double mask wearing Dr. Fauci. Now that evidence is building for the Wuhan lab leak theory, Fauci has one huge problem, he helped to fund the research at the lab. His organization gave $600k to the Wuhan lab for the specific purpose to jump bat corona virus into humans. Fauci tried to shut down every theory that pointed to a lab leak and suppress evidence in the case by lying about what was going on there. The fact that Fauci told Trump that he would face a major pandemic during his administration is suspicious enough to label this guy a possible contributor to the pandemic. Many people are now calling for Fauci to be fired.

The liberal news stations of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS did everything they could to call Trump a racist for saying that the virus came from China. Now, with all this evidence coming out, they are forced to admit that Trump was right. The lies upon lies spewed by CNN have gotten so bad that they have lost a massive block of their audience. Their latest ratings now show them having an audience 1/3 that of Fox.

Social media also played a huge roll in suppressing the information about the Wuhan lab leak. Any person who posted on it had their information flagged and the supposed 'fact checkers' wrote lie after lie to try to bury the theory. They just had to release a notice saying that they would now allow posts about the origin of the virus being from China on their networks because of the growing belief in the theory.

With all of this information we are left to put the pieces together as best as we can. How many people have come to the conclusion that this event may have been planned and it seems to have liberal hands all over it. Everything from creating it, forcing people to close the businesses and schools, not allowing people to go to church, illegally changing election laws, stealing the election, then using the office, the media and social networks to cover it all up. Or maybe it is what they say it is. Will we ever know the truth?



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