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Communist style assault on free speech of conservatives. This war is ramping up...

Over the last 2 days, there has been an absolute assault against Trump supporters from the cancel culture left. After an entire summer of riots and looting by leftist terrorists, they continued to use their media to convince people that the events were peaceful and justified. Now that Trump supporters are fighting back with their tactics, the left has gone insane with Nazi style corporate suppression. Here are several examples of their attempts to silence anything related to Trump...

  • Chinese owned TikTok to ban videos of President Trump based on misinformation policy. (Breitbart)

  • Twitter permanently bans president Trump (MSN)

  • Apple threatening to ban Parler from App store if they don't censor speech (FoxNews)

  • Google suspends Parler from play store over post moderation (CBS)

  • Real estate agent fired for attending Trump's rally in DC (Chicago Sun Times)

  • A tattoo shop was defaced with graffiti saying Nazis work here, when it was learned employees went to the Trump rally in DC (Chicago Sun Times)

  • A Vietnamese restaurant was flooded with bad online reviews when it was learned the owners attended Trumps rally (Chicago Sun Times)

  • Music Publicist fired for attending Trump rally (Federalist)

  • Owner of candy shop faces boycott and online barrage of bad reviews for attending Trump rally in DC (NBC)

  • Twitter suspends Michael Flynn and Sydney Powell for sharing Q-Anon (MSN)

  • Walk Away group deleted from facebook (Washington Times)

Many more people are being threatened and Joe Biden actually called Trump supporters domestic terrorists. (Breitbart). This is not the end people, but the beginning. We must carry this fight on until they realize what is transpiring. There is a revolution of people who are not just going to accept what is being shoved down their throat. The people will continue to rise up and be heard.

The media will have you believe that there is no enemy but fellow Americans. What about the idea that Americans in the high offices are trying to change our country from what our founding fathers built into a communist country? Does that qualify them as being an enemy? If they violate our constitutional rights on a regular and appear to be attempting to use different things to usurp our rights in the name of the greater good? Our founding fathers warned us about this and gave us the ability to fight against it. When the patriots fought against the British, that was the ruling government at the time. They were called terrorists. In the end, it is good that they won. Our country was born into a free system with the ability to change to allow for freedoms that they could not have imagined in their time.

It is now our time. It is our time to protect what was entrusted to our generation to preserve for our children. They control our tech, they control our government, they control our media. It is time we are heard and say no more! It is our time!

It is our time!

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