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Covid Death Numbers are being Purposely Inflated

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

With the number of Covid cases surging lately, and states preparing to shut everything down again, people have to ask what the real risk is. Local businesses have been the target of politicians who don't seem to care how the business owners survive. Restaurants, churches, gyms and other small business owners have been fighting back and refusing to follow the state's orders to remain closed.

So, are these businesses putting the community at risk, or are we witnessing the one of the biggest unconstitutional power grabs in our country's history? Well, one coroner in Colorado says that the death numbers are being faked and are not actually from Covid at all.

Brenda Bock is a coroner in Grand County, Colorado where they list five deaths that were from Coronavirus. She says that two of the victims actually died of GUNSHOT WOUNDS. Both victims had previously tested positive for Covid within the last month, so the State Health Department is listing them as Covid deaths.

This practice of inflating the numbers has given politicians historic powers to control the lives of its citizens, even as far as instituting unconstitutional mandates that have been crushing small businesses and killing our economy.

Restricting the ways that hospitals normally make money and then fiving hospitals monetary incentives to label a death as Covid related, has destroyed any credibility of the numbers being reported. If a patient is listed as having Covid, Medicare actually pays them a 20% premium. These practices are also being endorsed so that states can get a bigger cut of the CARES act money.

Changing the cause of death also can create many legal challenges for victim's families, as it can affect the amount of money a life insurance provider pays a family. A motor vehicle accident pays double because it is considered an accident vs dying of Covid which is considered a natural death.

Another example might be if a drunk driver hits another driver and kills them. If the victim is listed as Covid death, can the drunk driver be charged with vehicular homicide? Can a family go after restitution? These are not "what if" possibilities, but things that have actually happened to citizens who have lost loved ones.

The question that is on everyone's mind right now is, "is this virus dangerous enough to shut down the country again, or do we have enough evidence to show that it is not as deadly as was originally thought."

More people need to come forward and expose these false medical labels. People in their communities need to rise up and send a CLEAR message to these politicians who are overstepping their authorities. The people will not be silent any longer. Our livelihoods depend on it!


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