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Did Secretary Pompeo just drop a bombshell hint at the Executive Order on election interference?

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Did Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo just drop a bombshell hint at the report that was due to him and the president on Election Interference? It sure does look that way. It also appears that they are getting ready to implement the processes related to this order, as shown here.

If the report put together by the Department of Homeland Security shows that there was foul play, Trump may have the authority to invoke the Insurrection Act to go in and take control of the machines and video that hold the proof to all of the fraud that plagued this election in several states. This will also weigh in heavy with congress, who is responsible for certifying the electoral college votes on January 6th. State legislatures in the states that have fraud lawsuits pending submitted alternate electors for Trump in the event that the election process was found to be fraudulent.

The Georgia Senate election will take place on January 5th, 1 day before Congress meets to certify the electors. Republicans are expected to lay low until this election over, so as not to rock the boat enough to lose the 2 seats up for grabs. The house already has members that are preparing to challenge the electors in those states, and there needed support from the senate to make it a legal challenge.

One thing for sure people, this election is not over yet, and Trump is using everything he has to flip this election, just as the democrats did everything they could to fix the election results. The world sits and waits to see how this plays out. No matter how it plays out, someone is going to lose and their base is not going to accept the outcome of the election. I believe Trump said this would happen when the democrats decided that we were going to do massive mail in voting for this election. Now, we will fight for the integrity of our elections and for the future of our country!


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