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FBI raids home in Arizona for voter data theft

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Maricopa County in Arizona has been under fire for voter fraud evidence from many people that have come forward to give their accounts of what they witnessed during the counting process after the election. Now comes new evidence that foul play occurred, as federal law enforcement seized computers, hard drives and other storage devices as part of an investigation of voter data theft.

This raid was a response to voter data that was allegedly stolen from the Maricopa County Recorder's Office website. This data found on 8 hard drives, 3 computers and a bag of USB sticks, included:

  1. Login credentials and accounts

  2. Voter registration records and information, including protected voter information

  3. The transfer, sharing or dissemination of voter registration records and information, including protected voter information

  4. Unauthorized access to the office's website and computer systems

  5. Attempts or threats to damage computer systems

The residence that was raided belonged to 56 year old IT professional Elliot Kerwin, of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Democrats continue to disregard all evidence that has come forward about fraud taking place in this election. All the fraud and violations seem to have taken place in cities run by democrats. If Biden actually won the election, he would have set 2 records, the most votes for a candidate in the history of our country, and the LEAST amount of counties won by a candidate. If that does not tell you something, then all the evidence in the world will never convince you.


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