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George Prescott Bush, a Rapidly Rising HISPANIC, and Trumper

Everybody remembers the heated exchanges that took place between John Ellis Bush (JEB) and Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential primaries. Everybody knows that Donald Trump was shunned by George Walker Bush during his re-election bid. George Herbert Walker Bush called Trump a blowhard after defeating his son in the primaries and announced that he voted for Hillary Clinton. That was the old generation of Bushes. Now comes a new generation.

George Prescott Bush, the son of John Ellis Bush and his Mexican wife Columba, is starting to make a lot of noise in Texas, as he announced that he is running for Attorney General of Texas. The funny thing about this run, he is without the support of his family and their consultants. They are reportedly heartbroken about George Prescott's support of Donald Trump and his recent ad, where he gives credit to Donald Trump for being a strong leader. The ad features a clip of Bush shaking hands with the former president while saying "like President Trump, I will not sit idly by while our freedoms are under attack."

Democrats might be a little worried about a name like Bush, supporting a name like Trump, bringing Hispanics over to the Republican ticket. The fact that he is a Mexican American with such a strong pedigree should strike fear into liberals, as they stand to lose a large chunk of voters once his political machine gets going. His teaming up with America First conservatives could be the dagger that kills the democrat party for good. We shall see...

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