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Irregularities from Georgia Senate Race in Real Time

Once again America went to sleep with the republicans ahead in the race and the only area having issues counting their votes was the heavily democrat Atlanta area. They woke up to news claiming that the democrats took the lead overnight. Well, here is some of the shenanigans that transpired while people were sleeping.

Votes taken away from David Perdue in real time.

More votes taken away from David Perdue in real time.

Voter totals go haywire in real time

Do not accept these results. Our fight is just beginning. We can no longer be a people that just accepts the results of elections that have obvious irregularities in the process! We will not allow this any longer. Patriots need to get angry and fight back. This is no longer a fight with wit, but it will be a fight with force. The true patriots who care about this republic are joining this revolution and getting ready for our calling. 1776 = 2021 (1+7+7+6=21)


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