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It is Time for Conservatives to Step Up and Fight, or the Republic is Lost for Good

It is not hard to see what the communist left is planning to do once they take control of the government. Conservatives will be branded as domestic terrorists. The mockingbird media is already sounding the alarm as much as they can about the need for a 911 type commission to investigate the capitol protest. If conservatives don't wake up now, they will be not just have been cheated out of an election, but cheated out of existence.

The elite have decided that any voice that does not mimic theirs must be labeled as dangerous, and those people need to be deprogrammed. They have used every communist tactic to bully the conservatives in the cities and stole this election. Then their media continued to echo to their base that there was no evidence, regardless of the massive clusters of voter fraud uncovered in all the swing states. Now they will use the fact that Biden is taking the white house as a means to say that they were right and the opposition is dangerous to the country. If the conservatives continue to be walked over, you can kiss this country goodbye and welcome in the new Communist regime. The only way out of this mess is obvious to everyone, even though nobody wants to do it. A civil war.

The left has made their move and are publicly daring the right to retaliate. So far, aside from the weak protest at the capitol, the right has done nothing. Maybe the left does deserve to dictate what the future of the US will look like. Republicans have shown themselves to be weak and act like a kid who is being bullied. After the storming of the capitol, the media decided they were going to use this as an opportunity to shame the right, and instead of standing up for what they did, the right cowered down and accepted the narrative that the left fed them. The storming was a disgrace.

Was it though? If a foreign power came here and took control of our government right under our noses, would storming the capitol still look like a disgrace? What is the difference if the foreign power manipulated our voting system and installed their actors into power? Either this is a war or its not. If it is not a war, well, conservatives need to accept the left narrative that there was no cheating and that Biden won fair and square. If it is a war, the right better check in, because they are getting their ass kicked in every battle.

The left has outright declared war, and the right is still preaching peace and non-violence. Can this tactic of turn the other cheek bring a victory, or will it just allow the left to continue to advance their agenda as far as they want. We know that nothing has stopped them this far, as our country is overwhelmed with principles that the right has allowed into our legal structure. When will it end, or will it? Only time will tell if the conservatives decide to launch a counter-offensive.

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