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Liberal Media Spreading a Message that Conservative Voices Must be Deprogrammed

There is a very dangerous message being fed to liberals using their media to deliver it. If you talk to any of the people that watch left media, you can already hear them mindlessly repeating this nonsense and believing it. They are saying Trump uses mind control and his supporters need to be deprogrammed. Don't misunderstand what this article is saying, mind control does exist in our political system, but it is evident which side it has come from.

During the cold war, the CIA began a program called Mockingbird that saw the intelligence agency penetrating newspapers, news media, Hollywood movies, and the such to control the narrative of events. I think we can all see who controls those areas today and what they use it for. This is pure evidence for who the real cult leaders are. The right understands these things, and are the last voices left fighting these forms of government control.

Now, the left is attacking the conservative's right to free speech. Our constitution has been under attack and lies have been repeated in media to get people to do what they want them to do. All to move us toward a communist takeover.

Want an eerie truth of this? Just think about what happened to Walt Disney when he partnered up with the intelligence agency way back then. The agency helped to build Disney. Agents have been part of Disney for some time now. Think of all of the Disney movies that you feed your kids and were fed to you. Now, remembering that the communist agenda wants to destroy the idea of the family, think of any Disney movie that does not have dead parents or one parent or no parents. Do you think this is by accident? It is by design.

There is a war going on for your mind, and information and media have been weaponized to take control and keep control. Never take what people say as fact, do your own research and learn for yourself about the war being brought against our citizen's thoughts and this country.

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