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Liberal Leaders Who Publicly Bash White People But Have White Partners

Here are just a few examples of people with influence in the liberal and progressive movement who have spouted racist comments toward white people, yet when you look at them off camera, it is a different story. The people who listen to them are targets of a propaganda charade whose goal is to create anger and division amongst the people of this country. Civil rights activists like Malcolm X warned of liberal deception on many occasions. Anyone who attempts to disagree with them is outcast as a racist and cancelled, yet the way they live out of the spotlight is very hypocritical of what they preach. Lets take a look at some of the things these people have said and how they live off camera.


Don is an anchor for CNN and while on air, said this,"...the biggest terror threat in this country is white men." I am thinking he may be a Julia Roberts fan and has seen the movie Sleeping with the Enemy several times.



Lightfoot made a statement that the Chicago press is too white and she would only be speaking with journalists of color. I guess when she goes home, her wife is not allowed to speak to her...



Harris has on several occasions supported the Black Lives Matter movement, even as cities were burning and people were being attacked. She praised self proclaimed Marxist leaders as being brilliant and essential, even though they are against the structure of the family unit and statistics show that many more whites are killed than blacks by police. Well, here is Kamala's family unit...Is it any wonder that as a prosecutor she imprisoned minorities at an alarming rate and even illegally withheld information in a case to wrongfully convict a black man of a crime? And she called out Biden for supporting racists?


Think about the racial tensions that have unfolded since the democrats have taken over the White House. Asian Americans have been targeted in brutal attacks in the streets and the problem is so great that the president had to declare it a hate crime to attack them. Now we are seeing cities all over the country holding anti-Semitic rallies and people targeting Jews with brutal attacks as well.

Democrats like to push that the Republicans are full of racists, but the truth is the exact opposite. It was Republicans who freed the slaves. Not one southern Democrat voted for freeing the slaves. The southern Democrats were known as Dixiecrats and their flag was the Rebel flag, now considered a symbol of racism.

When the civil rights movement broke out, icons like Malcolm X warned of the lip service of the democrats in order to get votes and called blacks who voted for them CHUMPS. One could conclude that he was right, considering the message of the Democrats is that nothing has changed and this country is racist, regardless of them controlling government positions that could have changed the situations in the minority cities.

We are only 5 years removed from having a black president, yet how much did the democrats use their positions to fix the living conditions of inner city minorities? These liberal run cities continue to be the worst areas in the country and all democrats have done for the people in these areas is make policies that make it almost impossible for the people to move out of those conditions. Words and no actions to fix the problems. Broken promises and lip service. As long as minorities live in poverty, the democrats can offer HOPE for them to get out, but never actually do anything, securing their votes in each election.

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