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Man Exposes His Penis In A Spa Claiming To Be Transgender

Los Angeles: A man exposed himself in the woman's section of a spa in front of little girls and claimed that he identified as a trans woman. The woman in this video was brave enough to say the words out loud. "He has a penis, he is a man." Where has common sense gone when a woman complains about a man exposing himself to little girls and the person working there is so confused about what should be done they defend the guy exposing himself. Another man decides to call the woman names because she stood up for WHAT IS RIGHT! The guy exposing himself belongs in jail.

Liberals want to find so many ways to make crimes legal. Sure, just tell us you are a woman and it's OK. No, its not OK and it NEVER WILL BE! This behavior is not the fault of liberals though. It is the fault of conservatives and their DO-NOTHING politicians who always cower down to the left. Time to start electing people who are really going to represent conservative values and preserve our freedoms. The freedom not to have a man expose himself to little girls, yup, that is one.

Here is a list of people arrested for exposing themselves to children, just to show all the people out there trying to make a case for the man exposing himself. Here is a clue, a person claiming to be something, does not mean the law does not apply the EXACT SAME to them.

Here is a case where a man exposed himself to children a convenience store, and their father finds him and kills him, and is charged with murder.

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