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Migrants are wreaking havoc at Mexico's southern border, liberals are silent

Migrants are lining up and fighting with immigration officers at Mexico's southern border today as Biden is believed to be taking office on January 20th. These people are growing frustrated with the process to gain access to Mexico so they can continue on to the US.. The liberals have left these people in a very difficult situation and Biden has left Mexico in a very volatile situation.

People are wondering if this is the "better pathway" promise that Biden is already falling short on. 2000 migrants have arrived in Mexico to journey on to the US and are fighting with Mexican authorities to gain access. Where are Pelosi, Schumer and Biden. Where are all of you liberals that cried about the migrant caravan when Trump was president and now there is a crisis happening in Mexico because of Biden's policy promise, yet there is ZERO help for Mexico and these people.

Biden is not a friend of Mexico or of its people. This is the preview of a social disorder that he is causing with blind leftist policies. Why is the media silent on this? Oh ya, because there is no election going on. Liberals seemingly have become the most brainwashed people who have no ability to ask their own party the tough questions.

In the middle of a pandemic, Joe Biden's solution to the virus is to open the borders and let everyone in, but for Americans, you can not open your businesses and can not go to work. He wants to give illegal migrants tax money that the children of hard working Americans will have to pay back.

On top of that, Biden wants to raise taxes for all the corporations during a pandemic. He told his liberal base that they will not see a tax increase if they make under $400,000, but only someone who has no idea how trickle down taxes work could believe that lie. When he taxes the corporations, of course they will pass that tax on to the consumers and workers. It really is unfathomable how gullible liberals in this millennium have become.

Mexicans and migrants will be very disappointed in this administration's empty promises and will probably see a result that mimics Barack Obamas policy, which saw more immigrants deported than any president in the history of this country. Liberals hate to be reminded that Obama build the cages that they love to demonize Trump for.

There is still a lot of time between now and inauguration day, January 20th, 2021. There is a lot that can transpire. Remember, Trump never did concede, and only promised a smooth transition, but he did not say to who...

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