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Missouri House of Representatives Declare No Confidence in Presidential Election

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

The Speaker of the House in the state of Missouri, the Honorable Speaker Elijah Haahr just released a document stating that the Missouri House of Representatives will be filing a House Resolution tomorrow declaring that the House of Representatives has no confidence in the Presidential elections in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

In the narrative, they claim that Missourians were harmed by the fraudulent activity that took place in those states that included constitutional violations pertaining to the 14th amendment and the Equal Protection clause. They are calling on the Congress not to certify the electors of these states when they convene to do so on January 6th unless the states can prove that there was no fraud.

This adds to the growing list of states fighting back against obvious fraud that happened in each state. The Supreme Court is scheduled to receive an answer to complaints filed by the state of Texas against 4 of these states tomorrow by 3pm. The country is split with one side believing that there was a planned effort to defraud the American people of their voice. Time will tell where this will lead, but one thing is for sure right now, NOBODY has won the election yet.


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