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More Emails and Data being Leaked on Hunter Biden Deals

We have come to the point where all the information is going to start leaking out quick. Here are some things that were leaked today about some of the content on Hunter's Laptop.

Here is a quick diagram of how the Biden connections are tied together with China. I thought this was supposed to be Russian disinformation.

Here is one of the emails published today by Lin Wood, who is publishing many items from the files.

Here is a good look at the files Hunter has in his laptop.

Here is a closer look at some of the video files Hunter has inside of his Laptop. You can see that in most of them, it appears he is not wearing any clothes.

Here is a close look at the Biden Family Jewels. Yup, this is definitely a guy I want on the board of my corporation. He is in extreme need of a Dentist!


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