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Police Officers Will No Longer Be Responding to Theft Calls in Democrat Run Ashville, NC

Democrat mayor Esther Manheimer is getting exactly what progressive voters asked for, a reduction in police force. The liberal city's police department has seen 84 officers leave the department and now do not have the manpower to respond to calls for theft, trespassing and fraud. The response time for serious crimes has gone up over 10 minutes. It appears the liberals are going to get to test their theory of what society would be like without police.

Businesses in the city cant be too happy with the announcement, since it will be a field day on their life investments. The sad thing about these areas, are that the people are having trouble selling their houses because nobody wants to buy in an area that is so dangerous, and the people supporting these progressive ideas seemingly cant afford a house on government benefits.

There have been many protests in Ashville calling for the resignation of the mayor as the city is overwhelmed with hoodlums and garbage. Welcome to Biden's America people. People are getting a real dose of the Marxist agenda that has taken over the left and they are realizing that if they want to be safe, they need to team up with conservatives to get rid of this plague in the country.

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