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Proof The Storming of the Capitol was Staged by Dems and Antifa to Blame Trump and his Supporters

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The events that transpired today at the Capitol Building in Washington DC appears to be a staged event that was used to scare Republicans who were planning to object to the fraud in the presidential election. It seems that some pretty bad actors were used as capitol police stepped aside and allowed this rogue group to storm the building. One man, John Earle Sullivan, a known BLM Antifa activist, was arrested inside the Capitol. Take a look at the media that is going around and you be the judge...

Here are some pictures of actors who were involved in this planned attack as well as other evidence of the event. Videos follow with more evidence.

Here is a video of Trump supporters trying to stop a group of Antifa idiots dressed up as Trump supporters breaking windows at the Capitol. There is no doubt who broke in to the building and stormed it. It was a planned attack to blame Trumpers. Sadly, some Trumpers fell for the bait and followed them inside the building.

Here we see a man dressed in Black pull a smashing device from his backpack and starts breaking the windows. The crowd is heard booing him in the background and a Trump supporter comes over and yells at him calling asking if he is Antifa. The guy quickly climbs over the wall to get out of there.

Wow, another video of how the Capitol Police followed their orders to allow the protests to reach the Capitol. This was no doubt staged.

Here is another angle of the Trump supporters calling out the Antifa idiots dressed up as Trumpers trying to smash the windows.

Here is another video of Antifa breaking into the Capitol and Patriots calling them out.

Here is a video of the type of security that our most sacred of buildings had while the entire congress was in session. Do you buy this?

Here we see the lack of police allowing protesters to march through the barricades right through to the capitol building. What happened to the lines of police that we saw with the BLM and Antifa riots? This is not about race, it is about it being a staged eve8nt.

This guy tells everyone exactly what he saw transpire. Young Antifa actors stormed the gates at the same time while CNN filmed for the poorly produced movie they were making to frame trump supporters for the chaos.

Here is another witness to the planned attack by Antifa on the Capitol building. It was staged to blame Trump for the incident and threaten him with starting an insurrection.

Windows being broken by people breaking into the capitol building. We are for the arrest of the people who breached this sacred ground! Antifa it is!!!

Matt Gaetz takes the floor and announces that Antifa was identified as being part the group that stormed the Capitol and the democrats reply with moans.

This is John Earle Sullivan. He was arrested inside the Capitol building and was one of the people who stormed the building.

Here is the reaction by Senator Kelly Loeffler, who Trump came down and campaigned for. She lost her election bid, in a similar fashion that Trump did, and was at a rally with Trump saying she would contest the electors at the session. She now claims that it was staged, not by Dems, but by Trump. This is why Trump was disappointed with Kemp for appointing her over his choice for senate.

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May those responsible for such heinous acts against this nation be brought to justice, especially ones that staged such an evil event to attempt to blame the otherwise innocent ones! Once proven without question, punishment for such treasonous acts should then be pursued against those proven guilty!

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