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Supreme Court shuts down Dems trying to block Trump from excluding illegals from the census

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

In a 6-3 ideological line ruling, The Supreme Court dealt a blow to Democrats seeking to block President Trump's plan to exclude illegal immigrants from the population count. Why did democrats want to block this? Simple, because these numbers are used to allocate how many House seats a district has. The Dems stand to lose several seats in states that have the highest populations of illegal immigrants. After losing several House seats to republicans during this election, this would shrink the amount of House seats the Democrats control, diluting the political clout of states like California and New York.

A report is due to the president by December 31st that includes all the census data excluding illegal immigrants. The ACLU has said they would file another lawsuit if this policy is implemented. It is estimated that there are 11 million immigrants living in this country illegally.

Trump has until early January to deliver census numbers to each state. It is a race against the clock for his administration to get these numbers completed with a method of how illegals were excluded from the total. If successful, this will shatter the democrats lead in the House and influence in many states. Also, if the Republicans hold the senate, They have a 6-3 Supreme Court, they have a chance at flipping the presidency on January 6th, and at the next midterm election, will have a great opportunity to take the House. The democrats are getting worried that their party is being minimized, and as you can see, for good reason


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