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Teachers abandon kids in school when they learn one teacher got covid. Subs step in.

For kids at a public school in the western part of Massachusetts, what seemed like a normal (whatever that is) day at school, turned into an alarming situation when their teacher started acting strange. It started when the teacher got a phone call in class and then began going in and out of the classroom while the kids were left wondering what is going on. It was then that one was pulled out into the hallway and told that their club meeting after school was cancelled because the teacher running it got covid. Shortly thereafter, all the teachers left and were replaced by substitutes. The children were left behind as the teachers abandoned their jobs because of an apparent case in the school.

Is this what education has become in this country? Do our children stand a chance at getting a quality education during this pandemic? Well, we know we can go to the grocery store and shop for groceries because the stockers and cashiers will be there to make sure we can get what they need. We know that we can go out to eat at a restaurant and the cooks and servers will be there to make sure we get a good meal. We know we can stop at a gas station to fill up our car because the attendant will be there to make sure we can get to wherever we are going. We know we can get our morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee to make sure we have the energy to get through the day. We know that if need something at a box store, the many people who make those places work will be there to make sure we get what we are looking for.

We can go on and on about the many people who have stepped up during this pandemic to make sure our way of life is protected and people have the things they need. That all stops with the education of our children. For some reason, children find themselves as victims, while teachers unions show that they do not care about their education.

If you trust the science, the CDC said that schools are safe to open and that teachers and children are at a low risk from the virus. The report even says that it is safe in schools where social distancing and mask mandates are enforced, even without teacher vaccinations.

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