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The Insurrection that Wasn't

This video seems to show clear as day that the protest that took place inside the Capitol was peaceful and was allowed to take place by the police in charge that day. Officers removed barricades and allowed people into the capitol to peacefully protest. The media on the left demonized these men and ran with stories before verifying anything they were repeating. One story that was exposed as a lie was that the policeman who died during the protest was not killed by a protester, but passed away from natural causes. The left was so desperate to create a narrative to punish the Trump supporters and now their entire story is coming apart at the seems. All the while, the left continues to ravage cities around the country with riots and mayhem.

Last year the liberals took to the streets for racial injustice and called just about everyone a racist. This year they take to the streets as anti-Semitic racists. They are a people who have lost their way and have no leader to help them back to sanity. We will see how much longer the administration continues to hold these people as political captives, which is how the Communists operate.


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