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The KRAKEN has been Released! Lawsuit Summary

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

WATER LEAK IN GEORGIA WAS FAKED: Video footage and work orders reveal that there was no water leak that caused a counting stop in Georgia. It was used to kick people out while nine people remained behind, in secret, working the computers. (Source)

VOTING PAUSES WERE UNPRECEDENTED AND UNEXPLAINED: The abrupt pauses in multiple swing states, particularly in Michigan and Georgia for the purpose of this case - were unprecedented and had no valid reason (water leak faked). All pauses resulted in observers being deprived as well as sudden, unexplained, massive gains for Joe Biden. (Source)

GOV KEMP AND SEC RAFFENSBERGER ACCUSED OF COLLUSION: Records show that they, suspiciously, rushed the purchase and implementation of Dominion systems ignoring that other states rejected them for being vulnerable to fraud. Moreover, Sec Raffensberger was revealed to have made a deal with Democrats and used his power to modify mail in voting protocols which changed Georgia's protocols and made fraudulent mail in voting easy relative to the past.

CHINA AND IRAN ACCESSED VOTING SYSTEMS DURING ELECTIONS: An expert witness from the US military monitored the events and has testified that both China and Iran not only had access but interacted with Dominion machines during the election.

LEAD DOMINION EXECUTIVE ON RECORD HATING PRESIDENT TRUMP AND BEING PRO ANTIFA: Eric Coomer, a lead exec at Dominion, went on a tirade cursing at Trump and followers, then was recorded telling Antifa members that they fixed the systems to ensure that Trump loses the election. Since the news broke, Dominion removed him from their website.

MULTIPLE DATA EXPERTS TESTIFY: Providing sworn statements, data experts point out not one, not two, dozens of data and statistical impossibilities in the election concluding that President Trump should have won. They go into detail explaining when and where things happened such as Dominion Software switching votes, other votes simply not being counted, a computer algorithm that began to manipulate the stats in the evening. How more votes were counted at one point, in favor of Biden, than is even close to being physically possible - meaning 370,000 votes were counted in 2 hours 40 minute. However experts show that with systems moving at their fastest, its only physically possible to count about 90,000 votes in that timespan.

DOMINION CALCULATED FRACTION VOTES, WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE: Since one person equals one vote, there is no explanation as to why RAW data logs from Dominion show calculations where fractions were allocated. One person might be worth 1.13 votes where another was worth only .68 votes, for example.

COUNTLESS DAMNING SWORN STATEMENTS, EVEN FROM DEMOCRATS ALLEGE THAT: Signatures ignored as signature matching was not used. Trump votes put in Biden piles. Counterfeit ballots were used, as witnesses observed odd looking ballots with paper that had a different look and texture.

HIGHLY QUALIFIED EXPERTS, SOME THE BEST IN THE WORLD, TESTIFIED: Affidavits were not just supplied by eye witnesses, but also some of the world's leading experts in computer science, intelligence, fraud and otherwise. One (of many) such examples is David Keshavarz-Nia, a highly respected cybercrime investigator and digital security executive, who has worked with the CIA, NSA, FBI, and US military counterintelligence as well as financial giants like Deutsche Bank and Stripe. He is but one of many who wrote damning and conclusive statements claiming massive fraud. In fact Dr. David Keshavarz-Nia concludes by saying "the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible" that hundreds of thousands of votes were taken from president Trump and transferred to Joe Biden


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