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The Many Paths to Victory for President Donald Trump

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Here we are a month after the presidential election and we are still talking about a path to victory for Donald Trump. The mockingbird media has become an echo chamber for the globalist narrative and cannot be trusted to deliver honest journalism any more. Since the 1940's, the CIA has been working to control the narrative that people believe by planting fake stories in the media and repeating them to make them believable. This is happening today with the narrative being echoed that there is no evidence of any voter fraud, despite the many witnesses who have come forward, like the video evidence in Georgia, to tell of the many irregularities that they witnessed during this election. We are now going to lay out the paths for Trump and the 72 million people who voted for him.

First we will look at the strategy of his legal team, headed by Rudy Giuliani. They have argued in courts, with the goal of getting to the Supreme Court, just as Bush did in 2000. If the Supreme Court sides with them on the massive amount of voter fraud that was witnessed, the elections in each state could go to favor Trump, as many illegal votes would be thrown out.

They are still on that path and the process continues to bring us closer and closer to that day. In the meantime, Trumps legal team is now holding public hearings in front of the state legislature of each of the contested states. There is a reason for this. The Electoral Count Act gives power to the state legislature in an event where votes are contested. That power includes the ability to submit electors to vote in a particular way, even if it is against the presumed results of the election.

During this process, the state legislature can vote on who the states electors will be certified for. The governor can also play a role in this process, as their signature is typically required to certify the electors. The governor is also the tie breaker if the legislature does not produce a majority vote.

To put this in terms of the current election, the republicans control the state legislature of all but one of the states being contested, Nevada. If the voter fraud hearings convince the legislatures to take action, they have the power to swing the electoral votes to Trump.

The electors must be certified by December 8th and they are cast on December 14th, to be verified by Congress on January 6th, where the new President is actually elected. If for any reason, the process is still not complete, and none of the candidates reach 270 electoral votes, the election is then sent to the US House of Representatives, where each state will receive 1 vote and it is determined by which party controls the state. Although the democrats hold more seats in the House, they do not hold the majority in the majority of the states. Republicans hold the house majority in 26 states. This would give Donald Trump the win 26-23.

Nancy Pelosi knew this was a possibility even before the election took place and democrats poured money into attempting to flip House seats in states to give them majority in more states. It failed miserably, as they lost many seats to republican contenders. Pelosi also knows that if no president is selected by January 20th, the Speaker of the House assumes the role of the president. Nancy is probably hoping for this scenario, to be the countries first woman president.

With all of these scenarios on the table for Donald Trump, there is still one other way Donald can assume the presidency. If Trump invokes the Insurrection Act, to address an insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy, in any state, which results in the deprivation of Constitutionally-secured rights, and where the state is unable, fails, or refuses to protect said rights. In this case, Trump could use the infiltration of Dominion voting software by China and Iran and their manipulation of people's voting rights as a reason to declare the invocation. He could then go after all those who were complicit in the act, which could include Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, as both have ties to Dominion.

No matter what happens, there is an awakening going on in this country that was started by Donald Trump. He has exposed all of the fake news, the fake politicians, and the fact that these people do not care about this country. It is time for Patriots to stand up against these people that want to tear down our country. We must act to reject every communist from our government and our country. We must use every tool available to arrest every one of them. This must be the calling of the American People for the next several years until all of them are brought to justice. We must defend our cities against their attempts to destroy our history and culture. We must defend our homes and businesses against the mob by creating militias in every city and every state around the country. We cannot let what Trump built be torn down by people who hate our country. We must rise up. Join our fight!

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